Cherokee and Chevereto

Quick notes on how to setup Chevereto with the Cherokee Webserver

Chevereto is some image hosting software that runs on PHP/MySQL. Here’s a few quick notes for how to get it working with the Cherokee webserver.

In this situation I’m using Cherokee 1.2.103 and Chevereto Free 1.0.7 running on Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS.

This article assumes you have Cherokee set up and already working with PHP-fpm or some other PHP interpreter.

Chevereto uses a bunch of .htaccess rewrite rules to work, you need to replicate these rules in the Cherokee admin page.

So, create your new vserver for Chevereto and under Behaviour, you need to add:

Extensions php -> FastCGI (or your normal PHP interpreter settings here)

Directory /images -> List and Send

Directory /app -> List and Send

Directory /content -> List and Send

Directory /lib -> List and Send

Default -> Redirection.
Set the Type to Internal and the regex: ^(.*)$
Substitution: /index.php/$1


From here on, it should work! There’s a few other rules in the .htaccess file I haven’t implemented.

Leave a comment if it worked for you 🙂

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