iPods in Schools – Part 2: Uses

The first thing we’ve been looking at, is replacing the library of CD’s we have in the library with the iPods.

A full CD can be ripped in MP3 format down to around 60mb (that’s at 160kbit VBR) (or, about 133 CD’s on an 8gig iPod).

The advantage of using these over using the listening post is that the kids can work along at their own pace, they can rewind and listen to the same bit again and you don’t have to have all the kids starting the book at the same time.

Another thing some of the year 6 classes have been using them for is for listening to educational pod casts. They’re currently doing Rainforests at the moment so we found a set of podcasts about rainforests, downloaded them and put them on the iPods. Here is the set of Podcasts.

Most important of all, the kids love using them.

As I come across more resources, I’ll post them on this blog.