Novell Deploy Error D018

Here is a quick guide to fixing the error that occurs when you're trying to open a NAL Object via Novell, the Error ID is D018.

Here is a quick guide to fixing the error that occurs when you’re trying to open a NAL Object via Novell, the Error ID is D018.

The D018 Error is a Generic Error, Novell does not say how to fix it, nor even what the cause of it is.

When I had this error, I had just enabled Microsoft Client and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Client so that I could connect a computer up to our Photocopier. After rebooting, I was unable to open some NAL Objects.

The following is taken from:

Ever wondered why a perfectly deployed application adamantly refuses to install on random machines?

You get the following error message:
Could not configure workstation for application [APP_NAME] (id=2) or Could not configure workstation for application [APP_NAME] (id=3)
Problem: Unable to copy file [\\server\volume\path_to file\*.fil]. D018

So you’ve checked the application directory actually exists on the server and all files are present. You’ve checked that the user/workstation has rights to see the aforementioned directory/files. So, in theory, everything should be working fine.  Verbaasd So why do applications refuse to install on these machines???

Well, you can quite legitimately blame Microsoft for this. This is caused by the fact that the Microsoft client for Windows networks has a higher priority than any Novell/NetWare services.

So you know why it happens but the question is what do you do about it? These machines need the MS client for whatever reason so deleting/uninstalling it is not an option.

Open your Network Connections and go to the Advanced menu. Choose Advanced Settings. Go to the Provider Order tab and under Network Providers you will see that Microsoft WIndows Network has a higher priority than anything do with Novell/NetWare. Simply move this entry down the list and click OK.
You may get the following error message:
An error has occurred while trying to update the Print Provider order. The Print Spooler service on this machine may be disabled or could not be contacted.
Click OK to get rid of the error message and then Cancel to get out of the Advanced Settings. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the changes. But, just in case (Windows does sometimes have a bad habit of getting confused and losing the settings) you may want to reopen the Advanced Settings to check that the changes haven’t reverted back to MS having priority over Novell.

After you have closed all windows, simply reboot the PC and the apps will deploy perfect at the next login.

Note: You may see this phenomenon even if you don’t have the Microsoft client installed on the PC.

You can also change either of the following registry keys:

Once the registry keys have been changed the machine will need to be rebooted for the change to take effect.

LanmanWorkstation = Microsoft client
RDPNP = Microsoft Terminal services

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It’s such an odd sort of issue really, I never would’ve thought of that solution to it.