32 Laptops, 32 000 Fingerprints

Here I discuss how to clean LCD and Laptop screens without causing any damage to them.

Update: 27/1/17 – This cleaning stuff is good, but I personally use now a mixture of ~10% isopropol alcohol and 90% water with a Microfibre cloth.


Part of my job at my school involves making sure the computers are clean.

Today I figure I’ll cover something that I get a lot of people asking me about: How do I clean LCD screens?

Now, I’ve heard people in the industry say “Use watered down Windex!”…. Don’t do this.

Windex contains Ammonia, Ammonia degrades the plastic coating on your screen.
(I also heard somewhere that it can also make your screen get a yellowy tint).

Of course, if you’re one of those people who has always been cleaning with Windex, it does take a while of cleaning before you’ve ruined the screen.

For cleaning LCD screens, I use a microfiber cloth, it won’t leave any bits of cloth on your screen like your standard rag would and as for the cleaning agent I use some special LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaning Spray.

LCD Cleaner

LCD Cleaner

This stuff is great, it’s cheap, you can pick something similar up from BigW. Getting one that has a dispenser for the cloths is also good and with tricky folding you can clean up to 16 screens with one cloth. It leaves no streak marks and requires no hard rubbing and fingerprints just disappear.

Long as you get a decent size bottle of it (the one in the picture I would call a decent size bottle), it will last you for ages. I clean the 32 laptops here every 1-2 months and the bottle is still about 2/3 full.

Good Luck Cleaning 🙂