Fixing a Barcode Reader Trigger

A few years ago I bought a barcode reader for use in a school Library. It was a Cino 780BT, Bluetooth, nice base station, glorious battery. It was a really nice unit.
One slight issue: The trigger switch on them sucks.  The first one we warrantied and got a replacement, the second one developed the same fault after a year or so of use too. The first time it happened the switch had come loose from the board, so I resoldered it back on (it’s a SMD switch, so there wasn’t much holding it on).
I contacted the company, they wanted me to send it back to them to fix (and charge me for it), the switch would be $20 + labour to fit it. I figured since it was out of warranty I’d give it a shot and see if I could replace it.

I couldn’t find a decent switch to fit (I tried to repurpose a switch from a mouse, but I couldn’t get it to fit right), so I used a switch from my Mechanical Keyboard sampler kit (it has 4 different types of switches to try out to see which one you like).

So: Little bit of soldering and some hot glue later, I have a working barcode reader again!IMG_1432

Read More to see some in progress pictures!

IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430


Norma Eslick

Hi, I read your advice about flattening aluminum cans with a sandwich maker which sounds perfect for the project my friend and I are working on (a piece of wall art for her daughter’s room). She wants to buy one but those we’ve seen online seem to have ridged cooking surfaces, not flat which I’m sure is what we need. Could you tell me what brand you have so we can get the same kind you have. I really appreciate any help you can give us. Her daughter is a special needs child and we know she would love our gift.

Thanks so much,

Hey! Thanks for the interest in my blog 🙂

The sandwich maker we use is a Breville, we ended up scratching the surface of it over a few years so it got replaced (thus allowing me to use it in projects).
Here’s the sort of thing on ebay:

Though, if you’re not from Australia, you might want to try ebay in your country 🙂



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