Thanks for Attempting to Rip us Off – Laptop Storage

Laptop Storage

Laptop Storage


Revolution 8 Bay Wall Cage

Revolution 8 Bay Wall Cage

What’s the difference?  $900 and a padlock.

Because there isn’t many suppliers of products like this, a few companies have a monopoly on these laptop cages. Of course, the padlock is a good idea, though we keep all ours locked away anyway.

Here’s a link to the Revolution website

What about iPods then?

On the note of storage units like this, I’ve been looking at ones for iPods (I’ll explain about the iPods later).  I found one that looked pretty nice, it’s a 15 iPod Charge/Sync Machine. I liked the look of it and contacted the seller of the item (They’re based in the US). They sent me a quote that said:
SC15A Sync/Charge/Organize Desktop Station
List Price – $899
Discount Price – $699  (I guess he’s giving me a bit of a discount.. for no reason..)
Here’s the catch:  Shipping/Handling & Insurance:  $175

… That’s a lot of postage for a very expensive product.

So, the total price, $874USD… That’s $1327 AUD….. for a device that lets me charge 15 iPods at once….  My planned solution: A $10 Powered USB Hub… with lots of flashing lights inside it (it seems, the more tacky it is, the cheaper it is).

15 Slot iPod Charge Station

15 Slot iPod Charge Station

Here’s a link to the Tribeam website with the iPod Charging Stations

Leave a comment if you know of any cheaper ways to do these things and I’ll check them out.



tell me about the ipods now.

Not just yet 😉