Welcome to my Tech Blog.

General Introduction to my Blog.

Welcome to my Tech Blog.

I’m a School Support Officer at a School in Australia, basically I’m the IT guy.

My job involves things like teaching the teachers how to use the computers, computer maintenance and really anything that involves IT.

The purpose of this blog is to document issues that come arise in my School as well as how to guides for undocumented things, interesting news that’s related to IT in schools as well as a bit on “Hey, check out what we’re doing!”

If I accidently break a copyright or something, or you wish to get in contact with me regarding something on this website, or if there’s something you think would be interesting, please feel free to send me an email at:  techblog@duklabs.com


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Well hello ‘ducky’! Now why did you never tell my you like to be called ‘ducky’? Well, I’m nothing if not accommodating, so from now on Ducky it is. Great blog by the way. (Sorry I didn’t read your tutorial when you asked! I was very tired. I’d love to read it now though. Don’t sulk Ducky.)