This page is a quick link to articles I’ve written with a short bit about each.

Featured Articles
These are articles that I feel are my best pieces and could help you out a lot.
Backup for Mac – How to do Backups on a Mac (For Beginners!)
Backup for Windows – How to do Backups on a Windows Machine (For Beginners!)

How to Guides
3D Printing From Minecraft – Intermediate
Disabling Sticky Keys for Good – Especially disabling them in multiuser environments.
How to find good torrents – How to read the name of Torrent Files
Measuring Area on a Map with Photoshop

Building a Media PC
iPods in Schools Post 1Post 2 Here – Two part guide on using iPods in Schools
Building a NAS – Building a file storage server using OpenSolaris and ZFS (Old)
Cleaning LCD Screens – What to do and not to do for cleaning LCD screens

Product Reviews

Note: All these are old 🙁
MultiScreen – A digital signage solution.
The BeBook – An EBook Reader
Video Cameras – The Panasonic SDR-7 and Sanyo CG9
HP550 Notebook

Warranty Reviews
Just how good are warranties from different companies? As I deal with warranty from each company, I’ll do a small write up about them and post it on this blog.
Dell Warranty – Replacing a Laptop Keyboard

Other School Related Posts
Laptop/iPod Charging and Storage – A look at a couple of products for storing and charging iPods and Laptops
Working with Developers to get what you want – A post about my dealings with the makers of the KindyManager software to get features implemented